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Moehair USA, Inc.


Moehair USA Inc. was founded by Moe Jarrah, an internationally renowned hair stylist with twenty-seven years experience in the hair styling profession. He served as the President of the C.M.A.C (Confederation Mondiale Artistique de la Coiffure) from 1998-2006. Over the span of his prolific career, Moe has worked with international royalty, movie stars, singers and celebrity VIP customers. In 2007, Moe had a vision for a new technology that would revolutionize the hair care world. In pursuit of this vision, he placed the hair stylist in mind when he re-formulated the products that he knew would always deliver ease of use along with sourcing natural bio-ingredients that are considered non-toxic. By ensuring that all raw materials are sourced via natural, sustainable methods, Moe Hair Company believes that we now have made available the best products that exist for everyone in the world to enjoy. Our company motto will always be “Peace And Love” for all mankind.